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The Blacksmith. Live Local. Eat Local. Relax Local. Est 2017

The Blacksmith. Live Local. Eat Local. Relax Local. Est 2017

A Dining Experience Like No Other

At The Blacksmith, we forge culinary masterpieces with simple ingredients and a passion for serving our community.

Fried Green Tomatoes: sliced & battered green tomatoes, served with a warm crock of our slightly kicked up pimento cheese
12 oz. Ribeye with a side salad
Grilled Chicken BLP: grilled chicken breast topped with melted smoked gouda cheese, candied bacon, lettuce, grilled pineapple & our special sauce, served on a toasted brioche bun
slice of carrot cake with whipped cream

our story

The Blacksmith Restaurant was established in 2017 in downtown Jackson, TN. The building in which it is housed started as a Livery and Blacksmith Shop circa 1840. For the next 90 years, residents and travelers alike stopped here to have their carriages repaired and their horses cared for. 

In 1928, the building became Haynes Fish Market, opened by Hurbert and Daisy Haynes, and remained a family business for decades. The Haynes family sold the building in the late 1990s, and then served as a variety of establishments.

We pay homage to that history with our name. Live Local, Eat Local, Relax Local.

We expanded to a second location in Dyersburg, TN in 2021 and are proud to serve the area. The Blacksmith strives to be a premier place for quality food in a friendly atmosphere, building our communities. 

The Forge sign

The Forge is the Blacksmith’s central workplace armed with quality tools and materials, to shape simple high-quality ingredients into masterpieces. Within these walls, we are able to craft a dining experience like no other. Every order is custom-made, unique, and provides our craftsmen an opportunity to impress… and impress we shall.

The Quench

At The Blacksmith, The Quench provides a place to cool down when things get too hot. When the strength of character needs reinforcement, we assist with an array of cool liquids and an inviting atmosphere. When you’re done, return to life’s forge ready for the next transformation.

old fashioned cocktial straight up
whiskey on the rocks